Borough Increases Knowledge Due to Demand for Moulded Components

2022-06-25 00:51:51 By : Mr. lidong chen

Injection moulding and chrome-plating specialist Borough Ltd, is increasing the knowledge across its team, following continued investment in Engel ‘2-shot’ presses, which allow the Southend-based business to supply selectively chrome-plated plastic components.

The technically advanced Engel machines, allow Borough to supply chrome-plated plastic trim with complex ‘B’ surfaces, where chrome is only applied to specific areas when it is electroplated – a process that requires careful management by expert technicians.

Most recent to undertake intensive residential training with Engel were moulding operatives, Finlay Clift and Akwasi Asamoa, who both joined recently to help Borough increase the output of moulded and plated components to the automotive, sign-making and packaging sectors.

Aamir Chaudhry, Borough General Manager, explains: “Investing constantly in new machine technology to efficiently deliver high-quality moulded parts is a challenge, but ensuring we have the expertise within our business to exploit this cutting-edge technology is another altogether.

“Engel provide the training courses to complement their machine technology and helping our people get to grips with the injection moulding process is important, given the growing number of projects in our pipeline as re-shoring begins to take hold.

“Besides theoretical explanations, Finlay and Akwasi were introduced to the world of plastics and injection moulding technology, through comprehensive practical exercises that have helped prepare them thoroughly for working in our busy plastic components moulding facility.

“When customers are impressed by the quality of your products and the reliability of your service, they feel confident to require more from you. This increasing demand, not just for chrome-plating, but for undertaking our own moulding has required significant investment in Engel machines.

“Now it is just as important that Borough invests in its people to meet the demand we are witnessing for noble chrome and satin finish components, from sectors outside automotive, such as luxury packaging and sign-making.

“Ensuring we have a skilled and engaged workforce, will help us get the most from our investments in technology and keep Borough at the forefront of moulding and plating, competing for contracts requiring more technically challenging mouldings or high-volume, high-quality components.

“Finlay and Akwasi both showed a great aptitude for the process and have come away from the training with a better understanding of the design and functions of Engel injection moulding machines, similar to those in our mould shop.

“The hands-on exercises proved particularly useful, given the typical heavy workload they face in our busy moulding facility. We believe a skilled workforce is the best solution to address the challenges of growing demand as more manufacturers look for moulding and plating partners closer to home.”

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