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2022-07-30 00:09:44 By : Mr. Peter Wang

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You've seen by now the July 25, 2022 issue features our Women Breaking the Mold.

Special Projects Editor Jordan Vitick wrote 50 profiles on these inspiring women in the plastics industry. You can download the issue here or read the stories online here, which are a little bit longer than the print version. 

Also in this issue, a piece from the Injection Molding and Design Expo about packaging suppliers and the road they're facing toward sustainability, but reporter Sarah Kominek.

Two stories from our newest reporter Bridget Janis, the first about "smart" trash bins picking up microplastics in Philadelphia rivers; and the second — Missouri is the 20th state to adopt recycling legislation.

Frank Esposito wrote about a Texas PET plant restarting construction. He also had a Polymer Points Live last week if you missed it.

Steve Toloken tackles the potential economic impact from sustainability legislation. 

On Tuesday, we have Numbers That Matter Live, with our economics editor Bill Wood, who will talk about how to deal with inflation and other pressing issues facing plastics end markets.

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